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Free 40 min Webinar and Live Q&A with Woon Tan

  • Top 5 reasons why podcasting is the easiest way to establish your personal brand.
  • The top 3 excuses preventing you from launching a podcast and how to overcome it.
  • Create your perfect podcast idea in less than 15 mins

Who is Woon Tan?

I'm a podcast agency owner and a podcasting mentor. Officially, my job is to work with impact entrepreneurs to launch and scale podcasts. But really, I make you fall in love with the podcasting process so that you can create a podcast that you are proud of which ultimately leads to the income and impact that only you can make.

Podcast Publishing has worked with more than 60 podcasters and published more than a 1000 episodes since 2019.

Woon Tan

When: Monday 30th Aug 2021 6:00 pm UK Where: Zoom

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